Making Homemade Paint Brushes Sensory Craft!

Let’s make homemade paint brushes with the kids! A fun way to spice up the painting experience is to have children make their own paint brushes! This sensory craft is sure to be a hit with the kids!

I Absolutely Must Do Coloring Now or Painting or Drawing (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child is a wonderful activity book packed full of ideas to share with the children. And, there are so many great crafts to go along with the book, like this homemade paint brushes craft for kids!

While the kids are making their homemade paint brushes, play the This Is The Way We Laugh And Play song for kids in the background.

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This Is The Way We Laugh And Play song for kids is the perfect compliment to go along with this fun craft idea!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make homemade paintbrushes with the kids!

Craft items you will need:

  • Craft sticks to use for the handle of the brushes.
  • Tape
  • A variety of materials to use for the brushes like feathers, pipe cleaners, yarn, and bubble wrap.

What you will do:

  • Start by selecting what you want to use for each of your paintbrushes.
  • Cut several lengths of material or pieces of material then tape the material to the end of the craft sticks.
  • Set the homemade paint brushes out with paper and paint.

What I really liked:

The pipe cleaner paint brushes were really fun to try.

You can shape them to go in different directions and they h0ld up well after use by several different children.

I love the different strokes that can be made with the pipe cleaner paint brushes!!

And viola! The kids had made their very own sensory homemade paint brushes craft! Now let’s get painting!

Special thanks to Deborah J. Stewart

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